Hello world!

Hello! My name is Alice, keeper of the Ivory Quill I’m setting up this blog for any who would take the time to read my scribbles, all comments and criticism are most welcome!

Letting you know a little about me 🙂 im currently writing my first novel and have just started my first year of english with creative writing at university, ive been writing since I was small and will post some of the things I did at an early age, ive always enjoyed poetic ambiguity so a lot of my writing is well..ambiguous I can’t say where it comes from all I know is I  feel like its time to share!


8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello Alice
    Thank you for visiting and ticking ‘like’ on one of my micro fictions. You are embarking on a writing journey, a first novel – how exciting! I wish you all the very best.
    If you wish we can follow each other’s blogs – and keep aprised of our writings. If you chose not to, it’s ok.
    I’m in Singapore – whereabouts are you?
    I also think your blog’s theme is cool – holds promises of tales of dragons and dungeons to come. All good wishes. My blog: http://wp.me/1YE83

  2. Congratulations, Alice, for launching your blog – the imagery is so eye-catching, just as your poems catch at the heart. It’s great that you are sharing your writing with others. Thanks for subscribing to my 50words blog: I like the ambiguity of poetry just as you do: I love how every reads something entirely different into your words, depending on their own experience and mood. You might also be interested in a new blog another writer friend and I have just recently launched, which is all about encouraging writers to get their writing out there – it’s a listing of select writing (and poetry) comps from around the world: http://www.writerscompetitions.com Looking forward to reading more of your work…. Julie

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