The Sea’s Slumber

The dull sounds echoed across her mindscape like drifting pieces of wood in a vast ocean. Her sea of consciousness was still for the gentle tide sweeping in and out. The sounds reached the shore and sunk into the sand, which swallowed them up.  Thousands of tiny grains digesting them. The sky was black and empty except for the rolling of the sounds into the sea and the streaks of lightning cascading across it. The ocean grew restless and stirred, currents becoming stronger, waves crashing sound into the shore. A flash of red reflected off the water. Her eyes moved under their lids and the waves grew deafening. The volume of sound turning the shore into hills with their depth. The light blinked urgently over the deserted world lightning lacing the edges of everything. Mountains rose as the ocean finally broke the shore falling into the abyss that awakened her from a long sleep. Through the darkness grew a light that crept under her fallen lashes, it invaded her storm, blinding it. As she opened her eyes she groaned at the sound of the alarm reverberating off of the walls of her empty room and pressed the red blinking snooze. Closing them again she fell once more into her seas calm slumber.

Too be continued…


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