Tilt #2

Another extract from my book.

They made their way through the dense undergrowth pushing aside giant leaves. Insects swum lazily through the haze, meandering towards sources of food. The air was thick with them. Some praying on branches their wings twitching idly while others swarmed in balls of organised chaos. Rain began to fall, padding down on awaiting leaves. The noise of the tree dwellers was silenced by the sound of the rain surrounding everything. Small streams of water dribbled from tips of ferns into the gullys of others and the air became subdued. Athra settled down next to Arion in a groove of roots and waited for the rain to stop. She touched his thoughts, they were a reflection of her own although going in the direction of sleep, as they so often did. She watched her surroundings. Tiny bugs picked their way across giant green landscapes their feelers probing the way, she’d never noticed before that even insects took the time to be still.



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