Tilt #3

 As I havnt been around for a while I figured Id do another extract as there should be two by now 🙂

Athra walked towards the city falling in line with the other travellers streaming in and out of the vast gates. Through the crumbling arch covered in moss and held together by vines twisting through its body. They gathered in all shapes and sizes flying, walking, riding and herding others into the city. Colours so bright you didn’t know where to look first. A herder riding atop a tamatar swathed in orange and yellow robes led five sunset scaled tamatars into the city, no doubt valued very highly for their exotic appearance. These creatures were taller than any man standing long scaled legs with necks stretching above the heads of the crowd; their beaks were harnessed with leather ropes attached to their robed leader. They hissed at passers-by as they moved through the other merchants. They could not fly for the small wings at their sides and the rare scaled feathers that covered them from beak to claw. These feathers were unlike any other, they were not soft and weightless in the wind but heavy and arduous to the touch. Their long legs with sharply clawed feet could run faster than any land creature making them the swift carriers. Even though their small bodies proved them less useful for carrying anything other than one person.

Third seed: Tamatar


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