Black Brillion

On my travels to Australia I found myself wandering through a massive warehouse of second hand books, hundreds of books lined the shelves left me spoilt for choice. Meandering around the dusty volumes I discovered a few books that are definietely worth reading. Black Brillion is just one of the books I discovered there:

‘Baro Harkless has devoted his life to the service of the Archonite Bureau of Security, the force tasked with keeping the peace among and within the city states of Old Earth. He comes to the city of Sherit seeking the criminal, Luff Imbry. Luff Imbry has devoted his young life to the enjoyment of wealth. A gourmet, a charmer, and an ever-so-stylish fop, he has come to Sherit to pursue a new fortune. Not his own, mind you, for Luff is also a mountebank, a swindler, and forger of the first water. Yoked together by circumstance, they form an uneasy truce and discover a common goal: capturing the grandest con-man of them all, Horselan Gebbing. Gebbing, who made off with Imbry’s previous fortune, is posing as Father Olwyn, Sacredotal Eminence of the Assembly of Tangible Unity, and now claims to cure the invariably fatal ailment known as the lassitude with Black Brillion. But the gemstone is a myth, as our heroes know.’

A really entertaining read where Hughes creates a sophisticated goverment based on the ‘Old Earth’, with steampunk visuals and odd fantastical characters Hughes quickly creates an interesting world for short read. I wont reveal too much of the plot, but since discovering Hughes work I have moved onto ‘Majestrum‘ and ‘The Gist Hunter and Other‘ also by Hughes, which are eagerly awaiting to be read. Once accomplished I will be sure to report back in order to create a more complete profile!


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