Creating creativity; A writer’s manifesto.


Creating creativity; A writer’s manifesto.

1) Be careful of becoming lost in the sea of your own creativity, if you have time on your hands and even if you don’t, keep busy. Then, as Bukowski says, the words that simply must burst forth onto the page, you will find time for.

2) Change it up, if you’re non-fiction, try poetry, autobiography or fantasy to explore your own style as a writer.

3) Don’t be afraid to look for help, read blogs on creative content, dialogue and character development. Identify your weakness(s), every writer has them and we all work on them.

4) If it’s not working, leave it. Come back later or start afresh, no one wants to tell you that sometimes it just doesn’t work.

5) The most useful piece of advice I’ve ever heard was from a writer called Robin Hobb, she said the best thing to do is just write, get it out, no matter how much or how bad. If there is something there you can begin to chip away and make it into something beautiful.

6) Write for pleasure not pressure, if you are thinking about the money your words can make it may cloud your head into a storm.

7) Read, this may sound obvious but a well-read writer will have a greater idea of how they want to write in their own way.

8) Don’t avoid the edits; it’s the best bit, like adding the decorations to a cake or polishing a sword and it’s your last chance to scrutinize your work before it’s released into the wild.


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