Aeolus And The Gentle West Wind

The wind blows promises
of new discoveries
and far away shores.
A cool breeze, stirring
distant memories
of times on the high seas
Long forgotten
by both you and me
Gulls hark overhead
billowing arduously
soft tunics ruffle under his gaze
Sails set to full
she ploughs forward
under a most glorious sun.

Aeolus whispers
his gentle reassurance,
a false sense of security.
Harder it blows now
gusts that sweep the heat from skin
into tangled hair

Soft clouds
stain to grey at his hands
No uncertainty or lack of conviction
so far away
rolling across the ocean floor
a malignant symphony
the beginning
a wind now laced with a cold shudder
dark voices stir
ocean dwellers asunder.



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